10 Favorite Books

I’m a huge fan of books. I have days that I enjoy Goodreads more than I enjoy Facebook. I always sign up for a reading challenge in the new year, and I try to read 50+ books a year. These days, “reading” looks more like audiobooks while I’m cooking, cleaning and editing, but they still count! I often have people asking for book recommendations, so I thought I’d hop on and share my 10 favorite books that i’ve read, ever. There’s some fiction and non-fiction all mixed in!

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Glory in the Ordinary - Courtney Reissig

This is a great book for anyone struggling with the day-to-day stuff. It can be so hard to find purpose in everything that we do, but this book was a great reminder for our daily lives.

Salt to the Sea - Ruta Sepetys

I read this book in 2018, and it was easily the best fiction book I’ve ever read. I listened to this one on audiobook - through the library - and was so impressed by the narrators. Ruta does an amazing job taking lesser-known historical events and bringing them to life.

Eve in Exile - Rebecca Merkle

This book changed my life in so many ways. It gives a basic walk through of the history of feminism, and then Rebecca digs into Biblical femininity. It has a lot of great thoughts to chew on and helps to understand how the Bible and culture can interact, but how as Christian women, we are called to live differently.

Be Frank with Me - Julia Claiborne Johnson

I’m a fan of quirky fiction, so most of the fiction you’ll see here is exactly that, and this is no exception. It’s a light-hearted book with a little mystery thrown in. Definitely worth the read if you just need something to escape reality.

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode - Crystal Paine

Oh this book. Every.single.woman. needs to read this book, because it’s helpful! This book walks you through saying yest to the right things, and creating margin in your life. It has exercise and space to process throughout the book, which is also a huge help.

Where’d You go Burnadette - Maria Semple

Another quirky read! This is one of my favorite books, because the characters are so interesting and the story line just keeps you turning pages. It’s witty, weird and just such a good, light read.

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing your Mind - Dana K. White

This is another favorite book for anyone who has a home to keep. This book is written by someone who struggles to stay tidy, not a clean freak who somehow keeps their whole world organized. This gives extremely practical ways to have a clean home and has changed the way our home functions. IT’S SO GOOD.

Mockinbird - Kathyrn Erskine

This book is heart-breaking and will make you smile all at once. This is a children’s book and puts you into the mind of a young girl with Asperger’s. I love books that help you see life from a different perspective, and this one definitely does a great job with this.

Another Place at the Table - Kathy Harrison

My husband and I are very passionate about foster care. I run a non-profit on the side that provides bags to foster children as they enter new placements. (Click here to learn more) This book is a really hard book to read. It will forever change the way you view foster families and the children that enter them.

Because He Loves Me - Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

This is a book I need to read every year. It has so many great reminders about the Gospel and how we can practically (and how we don’t) live it out every day. This is an excellent read.

Phone Wallpaper Freebie!

It’s a goal in 2019 to start giving away some great freebies consistently. I’ve done this in the past with some organizational items, which I may go back to. For now, I chose a cute phone wallpaper, because who doesn’t love that?

Today, I chose “It’s a great day to have a great day!” because sometimes it can be hard to have a good attitude and greet the day positively. When the baby wakes up early. When there are no coffee filters left, When your head is pounding before your eyes are open

This wallpaper is a reminder to focus on the good things and to be thankful for the things we do have. The child that has changed your whole world. The paper towel that can act as a coffee filter. The medicine that can help relieve pressure

Just fill out the form below and you’ll get your free phone wallpaper!

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Olivia + Jonathan | Family

Boettler Park - Green, Ohio

Family - Kurcsak, O.-23.jpg

I’ve known these two for a few years now. They were the first couple that my boyfriend (now-husband) introduced me to when we started dating. It’s been such a joy to watch their family grow. When I first met them, they had their two oldest children, and now have a family of five. I don’t have to tell you how gorgeous their kids are, just look at these stunning pictures! Not only are these kids beautiful, but they’re some of the sweetest most behaved children around. They may this session so much fun, and the outcome was worth every second.

Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-3.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-2.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-5.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-3.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-6.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-19.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-17.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-2.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-13.jpg

New Pricing + Wedding Packages!

North Canton, Ohio

Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-40.jpg

I’ve been spending the last several weeks really investing in the business side of Tandem. This is the side that few photographers actually enjoy. I have never minded the book-keeping, contracts and keeping files organized. You mention potential pricing changes or SEO and I start to feel the panic. Can’t I just spend my days capturing beautiful moments between loved ones?

After many workshops, highlighted articles and filled out spreadsheets, I’ve decided it’s time to make some changes. Instead of having one solid price for family, couple and newborn sessions, I’m giving you options! I’m also adding small + intimate wedding packages into the mix.

All of my wedding packages include an engagement session, as well as a 16x20 wrapped canvas print but come in at different price options. Family and couple sessions now have three different options: The Mini, The Happy-Medium and The All-Inclusive. All of these give you a beautiful online gallery of high-resolution edits that you can then take and print wherever you would like. I’ve never felt the desire to begin selling print packages, but high-resolution edits are expensive to provide separately. This gives you the best of both worlds, as well as some options for printed products if that’s what you’re looking for!

Making changes like this are scary, but I know that there will always be options available for my clients that have been with me from the start. This truly gives you a better value for the investment, and I’m so happy about that!

You can check out the family packages by clicking here and the couple packages by clicking here. If you’re planning a small + intimate wedding, then click here to see my wedding packages!

As always, thanks for supporting my small business and visiting my blog!

Heather + Pete | Maternity

Boettler Park || Green, Ohio

I had such a great evening capturing an exciting new adventure these two were preparing to take. They have now welcomed their sweet little girl (she’ll be featured in a soon-to-come blog post). I met these two briefly at church, but this was our first time together and it was such a special time. The love and friendship these two share is so special, and it made for an easy session. Heather is stunning, and Pete knew exactly how to squeeze in to get these lovey pictures.

Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-8.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-73.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-65.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-72.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-28.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-14.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-34.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-47.jpg