Olivia + Jonathan | Family

Boettler Park - Green, Ohio

Family - Kurcsak, O.-23.jpg

I’ve known these two for a few years now. They were the first couple that my boyfriend (now-husband) introduced me to when we started dating. It’s been such a joy to watch their family grow. When I first met them, they had their two oldest children, and now have a family of five. I don’t have to tell you how gorgeous their kids are, just look at these stunning pictures! Not only are these kids beautiful, but they’re some of the sweetest most behaved children around. They may this session so much fun, and the outcome was worth every second.

Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-3.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-2.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-5.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-3.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-6.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-19.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-17.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-2.jpg
Family - Kurcsak, O.-1-13.jpg

Heather + Pete | Maternity

Boettler Park || Green, Ohio

I had such a great evening capturing an exciting new adventure these two were preparing to take. They have now welcomed their sweet little girl (she’ll be featured in a soon-to-come blog post). I met these two briefly at church, but this was our first time together and it was such a special time. The love and friendship these two share is so special, and it made for an easy session. Heather is stunning, and Pete knew exactly how to squeeze in to get these lovey pictures.

Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-8.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-73.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-65.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-72.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-28.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-14.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-34.jpg
Bogan, H. - Maternity-1-47.jpg

Matt + Jenin | Engagement

Taki, J.-1-3.jpg

These two!

Although I get a little nervous before most sessions, you never know what meeting a new couple will be like! I’m so thankful for new friend, and adding these two to the list has been wonderful.

We hit it off and had a great hour together. Also, they’re the sweetest! Couples like this, and sessions like these, are the reason I started this business.

There was so much love between these two, and I’m so grateful that I’m the one who gets to capture their big wedding day!

Just soak up the love from these shots.