You’ve booked your session!

First, I have to say thank you for allowing me to spend an evening with your family. Family and couple sessions are so special. There is something unique about being in my position. I get to capture the love that exists inside your family, which is magic. You can rest assured now, that our time together will be easy. I am laid-back, and so are my sessions. I understand that kids will be kids, so I never expect perfect behavior, smiles and eye contact with the camera - more on that later!

Questionnaire. If you booked a family or maternity session with little ones, please click here to fill out this questionnaire! If you booked a couple or maternity session and have no kiddos, you can click here to fill out the couple questionnaire! This just helps me best prepare for our time together!

Communication. The Monday before your session, you will receive an email from me with all the final details you might need for your session. We will decide on a location, and you will receive the exact time of the session. All other questions should already be answered here on my FAQ page!

Location. My sessions are always outdoors at a beautiful location near Akron, Ohio, with the exception of newborns. Depending on your location, you will have a couple of options to choose from for your session. These locations are all in Canal Fulton, North Canton and Hartville and you’ll get to choose your location from the email you get the Monday before your session!

Time of the session. Except for newborn sessions, my sessions always take place during golden hour, which is an hour and a half before sunset. This time varies throughout the year, so my email the Monday before your session will include the exact time. It is important for families to arrive to their session on time, so that we have enough light to capture everything we want!

What to wear. I know that choosing the perfect outfits feels like a lot of pressure. Although coordinating outfits can be beautiful, they are not necessary. I always recommend that you choose an outfit that makes you feel good and go from there. I also recommend not having perfectly matching outfits, but instead aim to coordinate. My best tip is that you go neutral and pick one accent color that is found is some of the clothing. My sessions are more about capturing the ooey gooey moments, and laughter than about what you are wearing. If you would like some inspiration, you can click here to see some beautiful examples of coordinating outfits.

Props and posing. I don’t include props in my outdoor photography, but you will often see me coming with blankets or stools for kiddos. I mostly use blankets to provide a comfortable place for families and couples to sit on so they can stay dry. They also make for cozy couple photos when they’re wrapped around you. I find that some children get tired and having a kid-sized chair or bench is a joy for them! With the interactions that families already have, and all the opportunities that outdoor locations provide, we don’t need props! As for posing, we’ll start off simple and then go into some fun interactions with each other. Don’t feel like you need to be a model, or always looking at the camera. Be authentic, enjoy your time together.

Some homework: come prepared with a funny story about each other, and a good joke (but keep them a secret!). You will definitely need them!

Your children. As I’ve said before, I don’t expect perfection out of my sessions. I don’t expect you to look perfect (although you will), and I don’t expect your children to behave perfectly. What I mean by this, is that they may not want to smile or look at the camera. That is okay. I always suggest giving your children a snack and preparing them for the camera, but make it a fun experience for them. Plan to go out for ice cream or do something else exciting after our session, to make an evening of it! Let me be the one to guide and direct them. If they are camera-shy, we will still get beautiful images. If they don’t feel like smiling, some snuggles can make for joyful and warm moments. I will do my best to make this an enjoyable time for your children, so you can relax, let your hair down and let me take the reigns during our time together! Don’t worry about them acting perfectly, because they are little humans with big personalities and that is what makes families beautiful.

Newborn sessions. These are unique, and last between 2-4 hours in my home which has a mini newborn studio. These sessions take place in the late mornings (usually around 10:30 or 11:00), to give us the best lighting. Some babies love to sleep when they get wrapped, some babies don’t like being wrapped at all. That is okay! We will make it work and get beautiful pictures of your newborn as they are today. This amount of time gives us the space for feeding and for wrapping the baby (which can sometimes take a while)! It means that you get some laid back, precious time together as we capture the first days of your child’s life. Also, I provide all of the wraps, buckets, blankets and props for these sessions. If you have any special outfits or blankets you would like to include, then feel free to bring those along!